Gone are the days when posed stiff portrait-style would characterize wedding photography. Today, there are many styles of wedding photography that are unique, and many modern wedding photographers are trained in these different forms and techniques.

A good photographer must be creative and able to blend the documentary-style photography, personal details, natural portraits and candid shots. Any noteworthy wedding photographer can professionally mix the wide-angle shots with close-up shots, fine art shots with natural shots, natural shots and much more.

Nonetheless, every photographer has the individual stylistic approach that makes them unique in their art.

Here are some trends and tips for modern day wedding photography.


Black and White

Old is gold, and today classic photography techniques are reclaiming their popularity. This type of photography was the real thing many years ago but became less popular when bright color photography emerged. The latest classic photography, however, is much moodier as the light and background scenery are used to create quite romantic images.


Underwater wedding photographs

These are captured using special cameras that are waterproof. A couple can decide to do an underwater trash-the-dress in a swimming pool. They are perfect for commemorating a tropical destination wedding.


Drone wedding photographs

Drones have been the poster of modernity in photography since they were introduced, and are used for a myriad of things including wedding photography. They are preferred for their ability to capture angles and heights that would not typically be achieved by your photographer. Drones are also suitable for showcasing a stunning destination by offering bird’s eye view shots. For modern-day wedding photography, drones are ideal.


Location-centric photography

Photographers trained in fine art photography are better placed to achieve these shots. This style captures not only the wedding but also the setting, beauty of the details as well as the bigger picture. It blends in the cinematic approach, perfect lighting, skillful timing as well as the artistic talent. The results are exquisite images and classically beautiful shots. They are ideal for a destination wedding for their close-up detail shots as well as the close-up detail shots of the subject.


Inviting angles

A topnotch wedding photographer needs to think outside the box, and beyond common angles. Shots taken with certain angels make the viewer feel as if they are part of the ceremony.


Light-soaked and natural

Images which are radiant and timeless usually contain lots of natural light. Therefore, such pictures are shot outdoors in the abundance of natural light. They are perfect for country weddings, garden weddings, alfresco and winery weddings.


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